Corporate/Group Sessions

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Realistic prices with events tailored to individual requirements.

Generally for this type of day we use a mixture of 4 or so target presentations to give you the best exposure to shotgun shooting and still keep it simple enough so the participants can enjoy breaking some clay targets.

What we usually do is break a round of 25 targets into two sections, the first as an introduction to get the participants used to the gun and shooting techniques, and the second which is a scored competition to see who the winner is! This format tends to bring out some competitive spirit in the group and makes for a good fun time.

You should reserve 2-3 hours to complete a round of 25 targets. If you wish to shoot a second round, add another hour or so.

The cost is $90 per round per shooter with a minimum booking fee of $900. This includes all targets, ammunition, gun use, safety equipment and instructors. There are no licensing requirements as the shooters will be under the supervision of an “Authorised Instructor”.  A 50% deposit is required prior to the day to lock in your booking. The maximum group size we like to cater for in this format is about 20.

All people attending must have covered in shoes (no thongs). For any persons under the age of 18 years (must be over 12 years and physically capable) we will require parental permission and supervision.

There is a BBQ available if you wish to use it prior to the shooting. We supply tea, coffee as part of the event.

Shooting is not permitted if persons are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Available facilities:

  • Clay target shooting range
  • Qualified firearm instructors
  • Shooting and safety equipment
  • Meeting room (wood fire heated)
  • Modest kitchen (for self catering)
  • Large verandah
  • BBQs
  • 40 hectares of grounds
  • Licenced premise

all located in a secluded, quiet location within 20 minutes from Canberra.

Here is what some participants had to say:

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If anything, they would have liked to keep going (but we ran out of daylight) and it was strongly suggested that we should have (a) started earlier and (b) organised a whole day rather than just an afternoon session. We really appreciated the time and patience of our instructors who ensured everyone got a fair go together with plenty of encouragement for anyone who was a bit hesitant about handling guns.

The girls also appreciated the log fire and warm drink at the end of the afternoon session. We also have several who are very keen for a rematch next year and even one who wasn’t sure he’d enjoy it, admit he had great afternoon and it had been one of the better group activities we’d organised over the years. Once again, thank you and your instructors for a fantastic afternoon, it gave everyone a really good appreciation of clay target shooting and just how much fun it can be.”

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