Down the Line

Down The Line targets are thrown from a single above ground trap, with the targets moving away from the shooter. The layout is made from five paths that start at 15 metres and finish at 25 metes (see photo right). The lanes themselves radiate in an arc from the trap. Targets are thrown at a constant height and distance, but may oscillate from 22.5o left of centre to 22.5o right of centre. The event is shot in the gun up position with the shooter calling for the target. A round of DTL consists of 25 targets and there are usually 5 or 6 shooters in a squad. During each round, one target is shot in each lane on a rotational basis, providing the shooter with changing angles to the trap house. There are a number of different events shot including common mark (15 metres), handicap, double rise and continental to name a few.


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