Simulated Field

Simulated field shooting is undertaken on a course and can be best associated with a game of golf. You start off at the first station and work your way around the course shooting at each station. There are usually 6 – 8 stations on a course. At larger shoots or clubs, there may be more than one course. The event is conducted in squads containing five or six shooters in each squad. One circuit of the course is called a round and 25 targets are shot during each round. One or more rounds may make up a competition. At each station the shooter will be presented with a series of targets. The targets may be thrown from one trap or multiple traps. Targets may also be thrown in a number of combinations including: singles; simultaneous pair (two targets at the same time); following pairs (the second target is launched behind the first); and report pair (second target is released at the sound of the shooters first shot). Apart from varying combinations of targets presented, there are a number of different targets utilised such as: standard targets (including midis and minis – a smaller version of the standard target) rabbits (a solid thick circular disc made to roll along the ground) battue (a solid thin circular disc made to fly through the air and turn in mid flight) Targets are presented to the shooter from all angles and may come toward, away or across the shooter. They may also come from behind, in front, over or under the shooter. The combinations are endless, and this is what makes this sport one of the hardest and most challenging of the shot gun disciplines.

Station 1

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